The SICF makes its database available for scientific research. You can visit our offices or send us a written request or email. Based on the database, a simplified FileMaker application suitable for recording coins has been developed.

The SICF reference library can be consulted at any time. Please arrange an appointment so that we can make the time to help you.

If you or your institution needs help with identifying coin finds, please feel free to contact us. We will try to come to an arrangement that will be acceptable to both parties. Are you looking for someone to take charge of a project on the subject of coin finds or are you looking for such a project yourself? The SICF will act as an intermediary. We will be delighted to refer you to the agency in charge of your canton or contact person for coin finds.

Bern, Hischengraben 11, view of the SICF library
Bern, Hischengraben 11, view of the SICF library. Image: © 2019 IFS, André Barmasse (CC0).