The Bulletin IFS ITMS IRMS is published annually since 1994 and deals with coin assemblages from Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein as well as compiling a list of literature on coin finds published within the previous year. It is included with the Swiss Numismatic Gazettes. Each Bulletin IFS ITMS IRMS can be ordered in printed form for CHF 10.– (plus dispatch). The euro price (plus dispatch) is calculated at the daily rate. Additionally, all Bulletins IFS ITMS IRMS can be downloaded as PDF files.

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Bulletin IFS ITMS IRMS 2, 1995 Supplément: Usure et corrosion / Abnutzung und Korrosion. 25 pages, 7 plates, ISSN 1024-1663. CHF 15.– / EURO 10.–

This publication helps to identify the wear and corrosion of coin finds. The system is based on 5 categories (1 = not worn / corroded to 5 = very badly worn / corroded) and can be applied to coins dating from all periods and made of any type of metal. Numerous plates with examples assist in identifying the extent of wear and corrosion. You may also access the supplement online or download it as a PDF file.