Anniversary game, 10 years of IFS ITMS IRMS

T. BOSCHETTI-MARADI – J. DIAZ TABERNERO, «ANNO DOMINI – MÜNZEN». Card game of 336 cards (idea: U. Hostettler). Abacusspiele 2002. CHF 18.50 / EURO 12.– Postage within Switzerland is included in the price. Costs for shipping abroad are calculated individually.

Are you interested in history and good at bluffing? Then this is the game for you! The game pack holds 336 cards and can be played by 2–10 players (ideally 3–6) starting from 12 years of age. Simple to learn, each game takes about 30–60 minutes to play. «ANNO DOMINI – COINS» is a combination of pictures and text. Each of the 280 picture cards shows a coin from the ancient world to modern times, while the other 56 cards test your knowledge of money and history.

Despite the title «ANNO DOMINI», the game is not about knowing what happened in which year. The amazing, sometimes confusing, but always important events on the cards need to be arranged into the order in which they occurred. More than half of the events on the cards are things you might never have heard of let alone know when they happened. Knowledge is less important than having an eye for historical clues, bluffing skills, self-confidence and selecting the right cards to play.

There are several packs of this game available, each with a different theme (e.g. «Nature», «Lifestyle», «Sex & Crime») and each pack holds 336 cards – more than enough to play again and again. The packs can be mixed too. You will find more «ANNO DOMINI» games at www.fatamorgana.ch.

Anniversary game, 10 years of IFS ITMS IRMS, at the SICF booth in Brugg
Anniversary game, 10 years of IFS ITMS IRMS, at the SICF booth in Brugg. Photo credits: © 2011 André Barmasse (IFS).


Two to ten players are dealt nine cards each that show coins or describe historic events on one side of the card and the date on the other side. Players are not allowed to look at the side with the date on it. The Game starts with one card on the table. Players in sequence may now play one of their cards and place it either above or below the previous card, depending on whether they believe «their» coin or event is later or earlier. As the players lay down their cards the sequence of cards on the table becomes longer and longer and the probability that the cards are not in their correct order increases.

A player may, instead of playing a card, challenge the sequence and turn over the cards thereby revealing the dates. If the dates are not in the right order, then the last player who placed a card must take three new cards and the game continues with the challenger playing a new card drawn from the top of the pack. If, however, the sequence of dates was correct the challenger must take two cards from the pack and the player to the left of the challenger plays a new card from the pack. The winner of the game is the player who is the first to get rid of all his cards.

You can download a short introduction of the SICF Anniversary game «ANNO DOMINI – COINS» auf deutsch, en français, in italiano und in english.

Further information
  • If doubt was legitimate, the disbeliever can put the first card on the table.
  • If doubt was not legitimate, the disbeliever is omitted.
  • Special case: A player with only one card cannot restart the game but must take two cards from the pack and lay down all three cards at once (and in the right order) to win.

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