Found a coin – what should you do?

Coins are important historical sources and contemporary witnesses to the circulation of money in past eras. Therefore, current law stipulates that such finds belong to the general public. Article 724 of the Swiss Civil Code specifies that chance archaeological finds – and this also applies to coins – belong to the canton they were found in.

The finder is required to report the find immediately. Targeted searching for finds (e. g. by carrying out an excavation or by using a metal detector) may only be undertaken by the appropriate official services (usually the department of archaeology of the canton).

We will be happy to let you know who to contact in your canton in the event of a coin find. Of course, you will also find a list of addresses online.

Kanton Aargau, Ueken, Münzschatz
Kanton Aargau, Ueken, Münzschatz. Photo credits: © 2015 Kantonsarchäologie Aargau.